Romanian expedition Everest 2003

Expediţie Românească Everest 2003  / Romanian expedition Everest 2003
2003 / 55 min  / România
Director and script Şerban Georgescu
Narrator Sebastian Koga
Cinematographer Sebastian Koga, Şerban Georgescu,Coco Gălescu
Editing Nicolae Sestrac
Music Nick Seymour
Producer David Neacşu /OnLine Video Production
David Neacşu (leader/conducător)  
Lucian Bogdan, Gheorghe Dijmărescu  
Vasile Dogaru, Marius Gane  
Cornel Gălescu, Şerban Georgescu  
Krishan George, Sebastian Koga  
Daniel Pisică, Amedeo Rucăreanu.  
Mihai Sima, Sorin Smilovici  
Teodor Tulpan  

The first Romanian expedition on Mount Everest (8848 m) was conducted in 2003. The leader of this expedition was David Neacsu. Other members included: David Neacşu-lider;
Teodor Tulpan TOP ((8.10 Nepal time), Lucian Bogdan TOP (11.30 Nepal time), Marius Gane TOP (11.30 Nepal time),  Gheorghe Dijmărescu, Cornel Gălescu, Mihai Sima, Sorin Smilovici, Sebastian Koga, Şerban Georgescu, Vasile Dogaru, Daniel Pisică, Krishan George, Amedeo Rucăreanu.

David Neacşu

In 2003 we had the great opportunity of being able to participate in this expedition. I organised it and the ones that were involved realised it a was a one time opportunity. We couldn't back down. To have the money, the team, the gear and good weather in order to climb on a 8848 m mountain is extremely rare. There was one motivation, it was our 'PHD' in mountain climbing. I think it was our greatest achievement because we managed to reach the end and come back alive. I don't know when there will be another expedition of this sort in Romania. 

Our motto was 'A step higher, a step forward'. We wished to demonstrate that Romanians can do it too.'