Ro-IFF 2015 brings great films under the moonlight, in Vama Veche

Woman in Cinema section

 Bucharest, August 24th 2015 Between August 19th and 30th in Amfiteatru – La Pescarie in Vama Veche, the first stage of the eleventh edition of the annual Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF) will take place, presenting Romanian cinema-goers with films that are not distributed on the multiplex circuit. The second stage of the Festival will take place from the 19th to the 25th of October at Cinema Union in Bucharest. 

For the two competition sections of the Festival, CineBlack Sea and Woman in Cinema, eight films have been selected and they will compete for the title of Best Director’ for each of the two sections, the award for ‘Best Acting’ as well as the ‘Trophy of the Festival’. 


Woman in Cinema

Atlit” production Franţa - Israel 2014, directed by Shirel Amitay.

Israel 1995. With the peace process in full swing, Cali meets with her sisters, Darel and Asia, in order to sell the house they grew up in: a piece of paradise in Atlit. They quickly start quarrelling and old tensions resurface. Their parents, Zack and Mona, insist on having their say: four years after their deaths, they randomly appear to fix the electricity, offer marriage counselling and generally weaken their daughters’ resolve regarding the house. To add to confusion, a mysterious Palestinian boy appears in the property without explanation.

 This is Shirel Amitay’s first feature film.

 I am Nojoom, age 10 and Divorced” / “Eu sunt Nojoom, am 10 ani şi sunt divorţată” / “Ana Nojoom bent alasherah wamotalagah – production Yemen - Emiratele Arabe – Franţa, 2014, directed by Khadija Al-Salami.

A little girl walks into a courtroom, looks the judge straight in the eye and tells him: « I want a divorce».  In Yemen, where there is no age requirement for marriage, ten-year-old Nojoom is forced to marry a 30-year-old man. The dowry offers the family a small income and one less mouth to feed. A legitimate and acceptable arrangement for all, except Nojoom who will soon see her life take a turn for the worse. A beautiful plea for all these girls forced into womanhood too soon and for their right to a life on their own terms. The film is inspired by true events and is adapted from the best-seller ‘I am Nojood, age 10 and divorced’ written by Nojood Ali and the journalist Delphine Minoui.

Khadija Al Salami, Yemen’s first female filmmaker and producer, was born in Sana’a. Forced into child marriage at the age of 11, she rebelled against tribal and family values, daring to leave her husband and seek a divorce. With determination and courage, Khadija Al Salami gained her personal freedom and changed her fate. At the age of 16, she received a grant that allowed her to follow her dreams by studying in the US where she ultimately completed a master’s degree in film production and directing. She directed more than 25 documentaries, most of which deal with the roles of women and young girls in contemporary Yemen. She has received numerous international prizes for her work, including the French Legion of Honor. In her debut she tells the story of Yemen’s most famous child divorcee. But it’s also a retelling of her own life story.

“Name Me” / “Spune-mi numele” / “Kak menya zovout” – production Russia, 2014, directed by Nigina Sayfullaeva
Two 17-year-old Muscovite girls, Olya and Sasha, are going to the Crimea to meet Olya’s father Sergey. Sergey has lived in a small seaside village his whole life and has never seen his only daughter. When Olya finds herself at the threshold of her father’s house, she gets scared of meeting him. Olya asks Sasha “to trade places with her”. So Sasha introduces herself as Olya and pretends to be Sergey’s daughter while Olya claims to be her best friend. At first the girls have their fun. Little did they know that this innocent joke will turn into great drama and change their lives forever.

This is Nigina Sayfullaeva’s first feature film and she is participating in Woman in Cinema” competition.


“The last hammer blow” / “Ultima lovitură de ciocan” / “Le dernier coup de marteau” – production France, 2015, directed by Alix Delaporte 


When he first enters the Montpellier Opera House, 13 year old Victor knows nothing about music. Nor does he know his father who is there to conduct Mahler’s 6th symphony. He starts to watch him from a distance, discovering the rehearsal’s universe… When Nadia, his mum, tells him that they have to leave their house on the beach, Victor worries. For his mother, who he believes hides something from him, but also for Luna, his Spanish neighbor, whom he has fallen in love with. Victor decides to show himself to his father for the first time… This is a sad film that intertwines with the story, true or not, of Mahler’s 6th Symphony. Written between 1903 and 1904, when Mahler had everything, the Symphony had three hammer blows. It was conducted by Mahler himself in the spring of 1906 for the first time. Mahler considered the hammer blows as ‘blows of faith’. His eldest daughter died as a child, he was forced to quit from the Opera in Vienna and the doctors told him that he had an incurable heart condition. In the summer of 1906 he went back to his composition and removes the last hammer blow as if to escape from faith. 

 „Brides” / „Nevestele” / Patardzlebi” – production Georgia, 2014, directed by Tinatin Kajrshvili 

Nutsa lives with her two small children in the suburbs of Tblissi, Georgia. With her partner Goga, they would be today a regular family if he hasn’t been arrested. Between the wedding in prison and monthly visits, a routine sets in, he inside of prison, she outside. Will they be able to overcome this double reality? 

Tinatin Kajrishvili was born in 1978 in Georgia. In 2001 she graduated from the Theatre and Film University of Georgia, with a qualification in film directing. In 2006 she moved to producing, and attended IFACS workshop (2007), Interchange, Torino Film Lab, DIFF, EAVE workshop and graduated from EAVE in 2009. During this period she produced, directed and made scripts for several shorts, features and documentaries. In 2014 she directed her first feature film BRIDES that won the 3rd Place Panorama Audience Award - Film fiction in Berlinale and was selected for Tribeca Film Festival: World Narrative Competition. 

Romania International Film Festival is the only festival that promotes East-European filmmakers from the countries around the Black Sea (in the competition CineBlackSea) and also the only one in Romania that has a competitive section reserved for women filmmakers (Woman in Cinema). Ro-IFF joins all those who have joined their voices and actions to aid the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, detained by Russian security (FSB) in May 2014. 

Those making this edition possible are, the National Centre of Cinematography and National Archive of Films – Romanian Film Library (institutional partners). Other partners and sponsors include: Zizin,, Cramele Basilescu, DHL – logistic partner. Ro-IFF Festival is recommended by Prima TV and Kiss FM. Online media partner: Other online partners:, Concerte,, PRwave, iconcert, Radio Lynx, Metropotam, vinşieu,

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Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF), organized by the Pro Film Ro-IFF and Artis Foundation, is at the eleventh edition. Founded in 2005, Ro-IFF is the only international film festival which from the beginning addressed productions from the Black Sea countries (Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania). Initially the festival was reserved for these productions, but the festival expanded and in 2009 it was added a new competitive section, dedicated to the Woman-director / Women in Cinema. Details on

Artis Foundation and the ProFilm Ro-IFF Association, as a main objective, support and promote culture, young people working in the field of culture (including young filmmakers), distribution and promotion of the values ​​of European cinema and the cinemas in the Black Sea region, an area with a diverse culture and a great creative potential.