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Bucureşti, 18 august Between August 19th and 30th in Amfiteatru – La Pescarie in Vama Veche, the first stage of the eleventh edition of the annual Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF) will take place, presenting Romanian cinema-goers with films that are not distributed on the multiplex circuit. The second stage of the Festival will take place from the 19th to the 25th of October at Cinema Union in Bucharest.
For the two competition sections of the Festival, CineBlackSea and Woman in Cinema, eight films have been selected. These will compete for the title of Best Director in each of the two sections, Best Acting and Trophy of the Festival.




Brides” / “Nevestele” / “Patardzlebi” – production 2014, Georgia, directed by Tinatin Kajrshvili.
Nutsa lives with her two small children in the suburbs of Tblissi, Georgia. With her partner Goga, they would be today a regular family if he hasn’t been arrested. Between the wedding in prison and monthly visits, a routine sets in, he inside of prison, she outside. Will they be able to overcome this double reality?

This is the directorial debut of Tinatin Karjshvili and she is participating in the Woman in Cinema competition. 

“Fish” / “Peştele” / Balik” - producţie 2014, Turcia, în regia lui Derviş Zaim.
Kaya, a fisherman, lives with his wife, Filiz, in a village on the shores of a lake. Their daughter, Deniz, is unable to speak. In search of a cure, Filiz decides to try an ancient alternative remedy. She thinks that feeding the girl a breed of fish believed to be medicinal will heal her disorder. When he discovers the fish at home, Kaya has the idea of farming them commercially in the hope of making some money. He starts fishing illegally with chemicals.  But one day, ambition in using the chemical mix leads him to fatally poison his wife and he ends up in jail for homicide. On release from prison, Kaya returns to the village and sets off on an impossible endeavour to find another fish of the same breed, which is thought to be extinct.

Derviş Zaim is a multi-awarded director. For his third feature film, Camur (Mud) he was awarded with the UNESCO trophy at Venice Film Festival in 2003. 

Tevanik” – producţie Armenia-Lituania, 2014, în regia lui Jivan Avetisyan.
The film consists of three parts. The first one is about a harmonious family that will be separated because of the existing situation. Little Aram carries the tragedy of the separated family. In a day, his entire childhood ends. The reason is one thing only… In the second part of the film a feminine touch is evident by Astghik’s character.  One step and peace turn to war in a day, that’s when she loses her friendship, her love, and the idol. The third film tells about a 14-year old Tevanik who becomes part of the war activities.  During the fights and as a result of his inability to put an end to a beauty, moments become decisive for Tevanik.

Jivan Avetisyan presented his film in festivals in 22 countries, including Cannes. 

“The Woman of My Life / “Femeia vieţii mele” / „Жената на моя живот”producţie Bulgaria / Irak-Kurdistan / Rep.Macedonia / Romania 2015, în regia lui Antonii Donchev.

Six year old Azad (a Kurd from Iraq) was engaged to his cousin Vian but after that the two kids were separated due to the political situation. At 19, Azad accidentally witnessed the murder of Vian’s father and had to leave the country. On board the ship to Europe he met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her not knowing that she was his fiancée Vian. Vian, on her part, did not reveal herself to him because she thought he had been involved in the murder of her father and she tried to suppress her feelings towards Azad. She went to Germany; he had to remain in Bulgaria due to a false ID. Azad did enormous efforts to find Vian and he finally succeeded. This time she revealed herself to him because her love proved to be stronger than her doubts. Unfortunately Vian was already involved in a deadly game being obsessed with the aim to take revenge for her father. Azad made everything to stop and save her even if he would never see her again. Is love going to prevail over terror?

This is Antonii Donchev’s first feature film after directing more than 20 documentaries and short films.

Romania International Film Festival is the only festival that promotes East-European filmmakers from the countries around the Black Sea (in the competition CineBlackSea) and also the only one in Romania that has a competitive section reserved for women filmmakers (Woman in Cinema). Ro-IFF joins all those who have joined their voices and actions to aid the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, detained by Russian security (FSB) in May 2014. 

The ones making this edition possible are, the National Centre of Cinematography and National Archive of Films – Romanian Film Library (institutional partners). Other partners and sponsors include: Zizin,, Cramele Basilescu, DHL – logistic partner. Ro-IFF Festival is recommended by Prima TV and Kiss FM. Online media partner: Other online partners:, Concerte,, PRwave, iconcert, Radio Lynx, Metropotam, vinşieu, 

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Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF), organised by the Pro Film Ro-IFF and Artis Foundation, is at the eleventh edition. Founded in 2005, Ro-IFF is the only international film festival which from the beginning addressed productions from the Black Sea countries (Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania). Initially the festival was reserved for these productions, but the festival expanded and in 2009 it was added a new competitive section, dedicated to the Woman-director / Women in Cinema. Details on 

Artis Foundation and the ProFilm Ro-IFF Association, as a main objective, support and promote culture, young people working in the field of culture (including young filmmakers), distribution and promotion of the values ​​of European cinema and the cinemas in the Black Sea region, an area with a diverse culture and a great creative potential.