All Gods Children

All Gods Children / Toți copiii Domnului
2012 / 107 min / Romania – Republic of Moldova
Script Valeriu Turcanu, Pascal Ilie Virgil
Director Adrian Popovici
DOP Slava Cebotari
Editing Slava Cebotari
Music Vladi Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Producer Cornelia Paloș, Slava Cebotari Artis Film Romania/Diametral Film/Moldova Film
Emergian Cazac Păvălaș
Ina Surdu Irina
Alina Turcanu Alina
Michael Ironside Peter
Paolo Seganti Bruno
Vas Blackwood Mark

Păvalaş (Emergian Cazac) misses his mother who left for Italy. He is asking people on the street, showing a picture, if anyone saw her. Briefly reunites with his mother, Irene (Ina Surdu). 7 days ... only 7 days had Irene to show her child that she didn’t left him voluntarily. 7 days .... Are they all Gods children?


Director, scriptwriter, rock band member, Adrian Popovici was born in Timisoara in 1958. During the 1980’ he has played with a number of highly appreciated Romanian and foreign rock bands such as :”Timpuri Noi”, “Cargo”, “Progresiv Tm” si “Classics”. In 2008 he directed  „A roof over head (2008)” selected  at multiple film festivals. In 2010 he wrote, directed and produced the feature film „EVA”, and in 2012 All Gods Children, his 4th film.