Brancuşi from Eternity

Brancuşi from Eternity / Brâncuşi din Eternitate
2014 / 104 min / Romania
Scriptwriter Radu Aneste Petrescu, Pascal Ilie Virgil
Director Adrian Popovici
Cinematography Cristian Gugu
Editing Marian Ene
Music Vlady Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Producer Adrian Popovici, Cornelia Paloș / Artis Film România
Brâncuşi Ioan Andrei Ionescu
Marin Etu Aleandru Potocean
Milarepa Claudiu Bleonţ
Martha Iulia Verdeş

3 stories, 3 characters in 3 periods of time are building the plot of “Brancusi from Eternity ". The main one is about Brancusi 's mature period, following his arrival in Paris , during his friendship with Modigliani and its relationship with Martha , one of his models , perhaps his favorite one . The second one is about Marin Etu, a student of Fine Arts. Due to criticism of some of the Romanian Academy members who refused the legacy Brancusi wanted to leave to Romanian state, he was send for 13 years in prison. After being released, security (Securitate) forces him to forgo many of the works of Brancusi. The third one has in its center Milarepa, a great scholar who lived in the  XII century, in Tibet. He is the link between sculptor Brancusi and forger Marin Etu, a link between their destinies. He influences  Brancusi and Marin Etu lives until the moment of their transition in solitude …a film about the search for truth and perfection in art,disappointments caused by failures.


Director, scriptwriter, rock band member, Adrian Popovici was born in Timisoara in 1958. During the 1980’ he has played with a number of highly appreciated Romanian and foreign rock bands such as :”Timpuri Noi”, “Cargo”, “Progresiv Tm” and “Classics”. Branusi from Eternity is his fourth film.