2010 / 130 min / Romania
Script Radu Aneste-Petrescu, Steve Attridge, Adrian Popovici
Director Adrian Popovici
Cinematography Mihail Sărbușcă
Editing Tudor Chivulescu
Music Vladi Cnejevici, Adrian Popovici
Producers Cornelia Paloș, Adrian Popovici/Artis Film
Amy Hayes Eva
Vincent Regan Tudor
Michael Ironside Alfonse
Maia Morgenstern Maria

Eva meets Tudor on the day of her 16th birthday. It is Tudor who is to make her feel whole as a woman. He becomes for her a source of both love and suffering through his constant mysterious departures and reappearances. When he is gone, Eva keeps a special place for him in her heart. During Tudor’s absences, Eva lives through many terrible ordeals, including her shooting of her uncle Alfonse as he tries to rape her. With Tudor away, she meets Oswald. They marry and Eva finds her peace. When Tudor returns, Eva’s love for him is rekindled and they spend an unforgettable summer together at the seaside. Eva is now pregnant. Oswald wants a divorce. Soon Tudor leaves again, called away on business, though without saying where he is going. Eva’s child dies during childbirth. War is bringing the world to its knees and Europe’s borders are collapsing. Tudor returns to Eva to find tragedy at every turn: political assassinations, raids. A love torn apart by secrets. A life torn apart by passion. A world torn apart by war. An epic story about love in uncertain times.


Director, scriptwriter, rock band member, Adrian Popovici was born in Timisoara in 1958. During the 1980’ he has played with a number of highly appreciated Romanian and foreign rock bands such as :”Timpuri Noi”, “Cargo”, “Progresiv Tm” si “Classics”. In 2008 he directed  „A roof over head (2008)” selected  at multiple film festivals. In 2010 he wrote, directed and produced the feature film „EVA”, his 3rd film.