The Woman of my life

The Woman of my life / Femeia vieţii mele / Жената на моя живот
2015 / 102 min / Bulgaria/Iraq-Kurdistan RG/Rep. of Macedonia/Romania
Script Antoniy Donchev, Ali Talib, Ivan Tonev
Directing Antoniy Donchev
Cinematographer Ivan Tonev
Editing Ognyan Ivanov
Music Vladimir Djambazov

Ivan Tonev  ARS Ltd / Haweena Shakhawan Idrees / KT Film & Media / Peter Film Production


Soran Ebrahim

Violetta Markovska Vian
Selim Akgul Rashid

Six year old Azad (a Kurd from Iraq) was engaged to his cousin Vian but after that the two kids were separated due to the political situation. At 19, Azad accidentally witnessed the murder of Vian’s father and had to leave the country. On board the ship to Europe he met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her not knowing that she was his fiancée Vian. Vian, on her part, did not reveal herself to him because she thought he had been involved in the murder of her father and she tried to suppress her feelings towards Azad. She went to Germany; he had to remain in Bulgaria due to a false ID. Azad did enormous efforts to find Vian and he finally succeeded. This time she revealed herself to him because her love proved to be stronger than her doubts. Unfortunately Vian was already involved in a deadly game being obsessed with the aim to take revenge for her father. Azad made everything to stop and save her even if he would never see her again. Is love going to prevail over terror?


Antoniy Donchev is writer/director of more than 20 films (documentary and short fiction). He has also extensive experience as 1st AD in numerous Bulgarian films and international co-productions. He has worked with directors like Andreas Pantzis, Georgi Dyulgerov, Binka Zhelyazkova, Tony Palmer, Bernhard Zinkel, Ulrich Edel, Valeria Sarmiento, Josh Becker among many other. The Woman of My Life is his first narrative feature film.