Fish/ Peştele /  Balik
2014 / 80 min / Turcia
Script Dervis Zaim
Directing Dervis Zaim
Cinematographer Taner Tokgoz
Editing Aylin Tinel
Music Marios Takoushis
Producer Dervis Zaim / Marathon Film

Bülent Inal

Sanem Ҫelik Filiz
Mzroslava Kostyeva Deniz

Kaya, a fisherman, lives with his wife, Filiz, in a village on the shores of a lake. Their daughter, Deniz,  is unable to speak. In search of a cure, Filiz decides to try an ancient alternative remedy. She thinks that feeding the girl a breed of fish believed to be medicinal will heal her disorder. When he discovers the fish at home, Kaya has the idea of farming them commercially in the hope of making some money. He starts fishing illegally with chemicals.  But one day, ambition in using the chemical mix leads him to fatally poison his wife and he ends up in jail for homicide. On release from prison, Kaya returns to the village and sets off on an impossible endeavour to find another fish of the same breed, which is thought to be extinct.


Dervis Zaim was born in 1964 at the southern Cypriot coastal town of Limasol. He graduated from Bogazici University (Istanbul) with an economics degree and then from Warwick University(UK) with an MA in cultural studies. His debut feature Tabutta Rovasata (Somersault In A Coffin), made in 1997, won him international recognition and numerous awards at leading festivals worldwide. This was followed in 2000 by Filler ve Cimenler (Elephants and Grass), which achieved similar success at national and international festivals and Camur (Mud), considers the ethnic problem in Cyprus and won the UNESCO Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2003. Zaim lives in Istanbul and giving lectures over film making at several universities.